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The Full Screen Background Images plugin for WordPress provides an extremely easy to use interface allowing you add background images to your WordPress site. Within minutes, you can set a unique image for individual posts, pages, categories, archives, home page, blog page, and search results page.

  • Upload and an unlimited number of background images
  • NEW: Include YouTube or MP4 videos in the background.
  • Set images to show in different contexts:
    • Global – show everywhere
    • Category – show on category pages
    • Archives – show on archive pages
    • Pages – show on Pages
    • Posts – show on single posts, including custom post types
    • Blog – show on the blog page
    • Front Page – show on the home page
    • Search – show on the search results page
  • Context hierarchy, meaning there is complete fall back support for contexts. If the current context doesn’t have an image set, then a global image can be displayed.
  • Images scale automatically to fit the user's browser
  • Upload and set images directly from the post editor
  • Add a link to the background image so users can click to visit another page on your site, or some other website.
  • Option to fade images in when the page is loaded. Fade speed can be adjusted from the admin.
  • Very efficient with minimal overhead